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This is the page for YOUR art! Click on the links above for loads of cool drawings of Darren, Mr Crepsley, Evra and others. Then send your own drawings to me by following the guidelines underneath.

Wanna see YOUR work here? Then get busy drawing and send your efforts in! I'll put up as much as I can. You can send in drawings of any of the characters in the Darren Shan books. Drawings should be no more than one A4 sheet in size. Send art to:

Darren Shan, c/o Paul Kenny,
Rahina, Clarina,
County Limerick, Ireland.

Please include your name, age and address.

Note 1: Though you're welcome to draw as many of the Darren Shan cast as you like, you shouldn't publish them anywhere else without my permission.

Note 2: I have the right to reproduce and edit/crop all drawings sent to me on my web pages. If you want me to hold back any information about yourself, please say so when posting the drawing.

Note 3: Be original, and don't pass off someone else's art as your own. Nobody likes a copycat!

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