• Ghost Avenue

    27 August 2010

    Flew over to London with three of my cousins on Wednesday. Went to see Spurs play their first home game in the Champions League (or European Cup as it used to be known) since the 1961/62 season....

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  • Of Nuns and Writing Tips

    24 August 2010

    Went to visit Bas's aunt Mary at the weekend -- or Sister Maria as she's known in the convent! Mary is lovely, and very far removed from my idea of what a 76 year old nun would be like!! We had a...

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  • London roundup

    20 August 2010

    It's been a busy old week in London! I did another edit of the first book of what will hopefully be my next series after the Mr Crepsley books. Sorry -- I still can't say anything about it. If...

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  • Edinburgh roundup

    16 August 2010

    Had a frantic few days in Edinburgh, as is usual when I'm up there for the Festival -- I like to pack plenty in!! We flew in on Wednesday and immediately went to our first show, by a group called...

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  • Hello again, old friends!

    10 August 2010

    Sorry for yet another long absence between blogs. This time it was because I was even busier than normal on the writing front -- I wanted to do an edit of all four of the Mr Crepsley books before...

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  • Blog-free zone!!

    03 August 2010

    Sorry for going another long period without blogging. I know I've fallen behind in my blogging duties recently -- from blogging most days, I now blog only a couple of times a week on average,...

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