• Harry Potter Read-Alikes

    30 September 2019

    There was a post on the New York Public Library web site recently, by a reviewer called Alex, entitled Always: Endearing and Enduring Reads! Harry Potter Read-Alikes.


    As the title implies, it's...

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  • Holiday snaps—the end!

    29 September 2019

    The final few snaps of the Shan Clan's August holiday to Mallorca. (Phew! The photos have seemed to go on even longer than the holiday!!) And, personally, like Vanessa William, I think I've gone...

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  • Mood Boards

    28 September 2019

    I really like these Mood Boards, created by a fan with the user name of O Comely Night, to capture the spirit of certain characters in my Cirque Du Freak novels. Have a look at them before I reveal...

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  • Arachnophobes—avoid!!!

    27 September 2019

    My apologies in advance to any arachnophobes who are reading this post -- I can't even begin to imagine the psychological trauma this one's going to unleash on you!!! I would urge you to try to...

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  • Ciao, Frankie!

    26 September 2019

    Italian reviewer Frankie has been working their way steadily through my Saga Of Darren Shan / Cirque Du Freak series, posting a review for each book. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and...

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  • Life-changing books

    25 September 2019

    It's always nice when a fan says they've enjoyed my books -- but even nicer if they say their lives have been changed by reading my books. I know from my own reading over the years that while books...

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