• Eye eye!!!!

    31 July 2021

    A teacher in Nythe in the UK, called Mr Buckland, read Cirque Du Freak and Lord Loss with his Year 6 students. They loved the books, and many went on to read the rest of the books in each series --...

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  • Memes to make you laugh and cry

    30 July 2021

    Hey! Have I featured any Cirque Du Freak memes recently?!?


    I have not! Time to rectify the situation!!!


    These four memes were shared with me by various fans. The first three will hopefully...

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  • Teen Librarian interview

    29 July 2021

    I'll be going on a blog tour in the USA during the first two weeks of August (more news about - and links to - that SOON!), but ahead of that I was lucky to be interviewed on the Teen Librarian...

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  • Japanese 20th anniversary

    28 July 2021

    This incredible drawing is the work of a fan called Mine Akatsuki, who drew it to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first Cirque Du Freak book in Japan on the 10th of July...

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  • Manga omnibus Volume Three

    27 July 2021

    THIS little beauty goes on sale today through all good manga stores worldwide -- well, those that stock English-language manga, anyway!!


    It's Volume 3 of the Cirque Du Freak manga OMNIBUS, and...

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  • Seven Dials

    26 July 2021

    In one of those twists of fate (DesTiny?!?) that writers rely on so much when piecing their stories together, a fan called Kat was wandering through London recently, saw this monument in Seven...

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