• My celebrity stalker!

    13 January 2012

    Help!! I'm being stalked by Jacqueline Wilson!!! She seems to follow me everywhere I go, to the theatre, underground on the Tube... is there to be no escape for poor, unfortunate Darren Shan?!?!?...

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  • Some of my favourite things… in 2011

    08 January 2012

    Although I included a quick round-up of work-related highlights from 2011 in the January issue of the Shanville Monthly, I didn't talk about any of my cultural highlights of the year. So here...

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  • The Forgotten Blogger

    01 January 2012

    Happy New Year, everybody! And welcome to my first blog of 2012 -- and, if my recent blogging schedule is anything to go by, it will quite possibly be one of a rare breed this year!! I'm well...

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