• Shan’s gone to WordPress!!!

    13 August 2009
    After a number of happy years here at BlogDrive, I have decided to switch my blog over to WordPress. Partly it's because it's a bit of a snazzier option. Mostly it's because I've been having...
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  • Something smells fishy!!!

    12 August 2009
    Bas and I were walking back from visiting my grandparents and parents tonight. Goldie, my neighour's dog, came with us for the walk. On our way, he ran into another dog and they started sniffing...
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  • Dratted distractions!!

    11 August 2009

    Wrote 10 more pages of the new book yesterday. This one features a lot of dialogue-heavy scenes, which are at the same time both frutrating and intriguing to write. Frustrating because the plot...

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  • Can you name the top 116?!?

    10 August 2009
    Yesterday, Bas and I took my cousin, Tiernan, on a long 14 kilometre trek, which took us to the peak of Keeper Hill. It was a very nice walk, with some stunning views, but what really tickled my...
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  • Hughes the daddy?!?

    08 August 2009
    Right -- back to normal business!! I've been busy on the first draft of the fourth book of my future series (i.e. the one that follows my one-off fantasy book and the four-book series which follows...
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  • The great divide!!

    07 August 2009
    Heh heh!! Judging by the responses to my last email, the neutrals are far happier with the trailer than a lot of you guys are!!! But to be honest, I can't really feel any sympathy for you!! And I...
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