• As 2020 Merges into 2021…

    31 December 2020

    For my final post of 2020, I'm turning -- as I have so many times this year -- to the artwork of Amity Lee, who's drawn a couple of lovely pictures of various characters from my new Archibald Lox ...

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  • My final sale of 2020

    30 December 2020

    I'm running one final discounted eBook sale before the end of the year, and this time it's the turn of my weird sci-fi novel An Other Place, which I released under the name of Darren Dash, for...

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  • One last Tattoo Tuesday before year’s end

    29 December 2020

    Is there time in 2020 for one last Tattoo Tuesday post?


    Of course there is!!


    This one comes courtesy of a fan of Shan called Dan who had a plan to become a tattooed man and figured if any...

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  • Cirque Du Freak fanzine

    28 December 2020

    In case you missed it earlier in the year, treat yourself to a nice little post-Christmas gift and check out the Cirque Du Freak FANZINE, which is absolutely FREE to donwload!


    Basically, a few...

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  • Merry (belated) Christmas!!!

    27 December 2020

    I meant to post my Christmas card to you guys in the run-up to Christmas, but it slipped through the cracks. That said, I almost always share family photos on a Sunday, and it IS still the...

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  • Cirque Du Freak vines

    26 December 2020

    I've shared plenty of memes (usually Cirque Du Freak memes) here in the past, but I only recently became aware that there are Cirque Du Freak vines out there too. If you don't know what vines are,...

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