• Zom-B in the USA!!!

    31 October 2011

    My American publishers, LittleBrown, have bought the rights to my “Zom-B” series!!! They will be publishing all 12 books at the same time that they come out in the UK, starting in September or...

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  • All done on first!

    28 October 2011

    Today I finished the first draft of the twelfth and final book in my Zom-B series. (I've been referring to it as Zom-B 12 on my Twitter, but of course that's not the actual name -- I won't be...

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  • October 28th Radio Documentary

    24 October 2011

    There will be a lengthy (approx 20 minutes) Limerick Lives Documentary about me on Live 95FM on Friday 28th October just after the 11.00am news on the Joe Nash show. If you live in the Limerick...

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  • It’s good to be bad!

    23 October 2011

    Had a nice few days in London. Met with the editor of my "Zom-B" series for the first time, and we clicked straight away. It's always good to have a close working relationship with your editor --...

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  • New books

    12 October 2011

    Well, my agent has had a busy day in Frankfurt!! As many of you will have already seen on Twitter, Facebook or in the news, I haveannounced not just one new set of books today, but two!! The...

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  • Music roundup

    11 October 2011

    I always have music playing in the background when I'm at work in my office -- I don't like complete silence, as it makes me feel isolated and lonesome! I usually put several CDs into my jukebox...

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