• Memes 4x4

    30 September 2021

    This might be the most geometrically perfect post I've ever put together -- four memes, four panels per meme -- the OCD in me is well pleased!!! :-)


    The first (for a price...) is by...

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  • Octocon reading - YOUR choice!

    29 September 2021

    This coming Sunday, October 3rd, at 2pm Irish time, I'm going to be doing my ONLY live online event of 2021, as part of Octocon 2021. It's a FREE solo event, open to people everywhere in the world....

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  • The perfect baby shower gift

    28 September 2021

    This email from an editor called Katie, in the USA, put a big smile on my face -- and might also prove helpful if any of you are wondering what to buy a newborn at any point in the near future......

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  • School stuff

    27 September 2021

    Cirque Du Freak was infamously turned down by 20 different publishers in the UK when my agent first took it to them in 1997. (Sounds apocryphal, I know, but it's absolutely true, and I still have...

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  • Fota Wildlife Park

    26 September 2021

    During our summer holiday in Cork back in July, the Shan clan spent a lovely day in Fota Wildlife Park, where we strolled around and saw all types of wonderful animals, mostly with far more space...

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  • Darren and Steve - two of a kind

    25 September 2021

    In Cirque Du Freak, I always saw Darren and Steve as two sides of the same coin. While neither character was based directly on myself, there are strong elements of me in both of them, and I kind of...

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