• Archie will be at Tunbridge Wells… hopefully!

    31 March 2022

    As I revealed in an excited post last week, I'm going to be making a rare public appearance at the Tunbridge Wells Literary Festival (in southeast England) on Saturday, April 30th, at 2pm. ...

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  • Demonic sounds

    30 March 2022

    A long-time Shanster called Niall sent me an email a while back, with a question.


    "I am writing to you as a 28 year old man who first read your books as a 7 year old boy. Recently I have had...

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  • Cultured Vultures

    29 March 2022

    There's a site called Cultured Vultures (what a cool name!!) and a while back they posted an article entitled 12 Best Horror Book Series of All Time. As it suggests, its an article which names...

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  • Alloa Academy coursework

    28 March 2022

    The students of class 1B2 in Alloa Academy (in Scotland) were busy recently studying Cirque Du Freak, and they produced some coursework based on it which their proud teacher shared. They were...

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  • Happy Mothers’ Day 2022

    27 March 2022

    Since it's Mother's Day (in Ireland anyway, though I know it gets celebrated on different dates in different countries) I figured I'd put Mrs Shan to the fore in today's family photos, especially...

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  • Vancha fan art

    26 March 2022

    Vancha March always loves it when I feature fan art of him -- he's such a vain old Prince! And he's especially thrilled with these four pieces, as (in his view) they artfully capture him in all his...

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