• Dratted distractions!!

    11 August 2009

    Wrote 10 more pages of the new book yesterday. This one features a lot of dialogue-heavy scenes, which are at the same time both frutrating and intriguing to write. Frustrating because the plot...

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  • Can you name the top 116?!?

    10 August 2009
    Yesterday, Bas and I took my cousin, Tiernan, on a long 14 kilometre trek, which took us to the peak of Keeper Hill. It was a very nice walk, with some stunning views, but what really tickled my...
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  • Hughes the daddy?!?

    08 August 2009
    Right -- back to normal business!! I've been busy on the first draft of the fourth book of my future series (i.e. the one that follows my one-off fantasy book and the four-book series which follows...
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  • The great divide!!

    07 August 2009
    Heh heh!! Judging by the responses to my last email, the neutrals are far happier with the trailer than a lot of you guys are!!! But to be honest, I can't really feel any sympathy for you!! And I...
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  • Movie whirlwind

    06 August 2009
    Phew!!! The last couple of days have been pretty manic! The craziness started yesterday morning, when I found out that the trailer was due to hit the web later in the day. While I cautioned...
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  • Movie trailer heaven!!

    05 August 2009
    At last -- the moment so many of you have been waiting for!!! The movie trailer for Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant is now online, and I think it looks pretty kewl!!!
    You can check it...
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