• 15 Best Fantasy Movies On Netflix

    24 September 2020

    There was an article on the Binge Post site back in July, entitled: 15 Best Fantasy Movies on Netflix [Sci-Fi, Action, Romance, Horror and Supernatural]. Guess what freaky, vampish little movie...

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  • Six years a Shan

    23 September 2020

    I've brought some dark, twisted characters into the world over the years, but this day 6 years ago, I popped out (with the help, it must be admitted, of Mrs Shan) my darkest and most twisted -- my...

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  • Tattoo Tuesday is back with a bang!

    22 September 2020

    It seems like an age since our last Tattoo Tuesday, but what a way for it to return with a bang! This photo was shared with me by a fan called Haley. It features my most-beloved quote from the...

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  • A decade long search concludes

    21 September 2020

    A fan called Luke wrote to me recently to see if I could possibly help him out with a most unique problem...


    "I'm 26 and have been a massive fan of your works from as far back as I can...

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  • Random summer snaps

    20 September 2020

    As on most Sundays, I'm sharing some Shan family snaps today, and these are a right random bunch! I usually share a selection of photos from a specific date or event, or that have a similar theme,...

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  • The vampire and his assistant x 3

    19 September 2020

    Let's kick off the weekend in style, with three drawings by three different Shansters of Mr Crepsley with one of his favourite assistants, Darren Shan. (He only really ever had two, so, y'know, it...

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