• Chase deja vu?!?

    07 May 2021

    A keen-eyed Shanster (hi, Cheryl!) spotted this question on UK quiz show The Chase earlier in the week, and immediately shared it with me.


    I've got a feeling this isn't the first time we've...

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  • GUYifesto—the video!

    06 May 2021

    Many moons ago, I wrote a very atypical piece called GUYifesto for a book called Guys Read, which was a fun collection of stories about what it means to be a GUY. My piece was VERY tongue in cheek,...

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  • A Bram Stoker in-joke?!?

    05 May 2021

    A fan called Will sent me the following email recently, with the headline: FLITTING.


    "Holy s**t man... Cirque du Freak was my favorite series when I was younger. I’m 27 now, reading Dracula for...

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  • Twin Tattoos

    04 May 2021

    A long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away... there used to be a feature on my blog called...




    It's been a good few months since I was sent any new photos of Shansters...

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  • Shanville Monthly reminder

    03 May 2021

    In case you missed my post at the weekend, the May issue of my Shanville Monthly newsletter is now live. You can check out the titles, covers and release dates of my next THREE Archibald Lox...

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  • Painting, floods, bars, and Minecraft

    02 May 2021

    Some random photos of the Shan kids to "celebrate" the bank holiday weekend.


    (The quotation marks are sarcastic. Mrs Shan and I didn't realise until the middle of last week that Dante's school...

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