• British Fantasy Society review and REVEAL

    25 July 2022

    It's REVIEW & REVEAL time!!!


    Firstly, there was a very cool REVIEW for the final three Archibald Lox books over on the British Fantasy Society today, by veteran author and reviewer, Dave...

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  • Stranger Demonata

    24 July 2022

    I saw the final episode of the current series of Stranger Things this evening. Very satisfying wrap up. As many fans of my Demonata series have noted, Stranger Things does in a way prove that a TV...

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  • Easter in Tayto Park

    24 July 2022

    Over the Easter break, the Shans headed for Tayto Park, and here are some photos from our visit.


    Tayto Park is a theme park, not far from Dublin, which has been sponsored by Tayto -- the most...

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  • Steph’s comic strips - 1

    23 July 2022

    A very talented Shanster called Steph has been creating short comic strips based on my books. They're extremely funny, though I do feel sorry for poor, suffering Mr Crepsley in them!!

    Here are the...

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  • Memes, glorious memes

    22 July 2022

    You know what we haven't had for a while here? Darren Shan memes! Time to rectify that situation!!!

    The first, by EVIE, makes reference to the similarity between Vecna in the latest Stranger...

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  • Archie 9 paperback

    21 July 2022

    The official release date for the FINAL book in my Archibald Lox series is next Tuesday, July 26th.




    I've released the PAPERBACK edition several days early, in order to give it time...

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