• September 2022 competition

    06 September 2022

    When I released the paperback of Archibald Lox and the Sinkhole to Hell, which is book 7 of the series, I produced an ultra-limited collector's edition of just 5 copies, from proofs (ARCs). I'm...

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  • Gifts from fans

    05 September 2022

    I received a few hand-made presents from Shansters recently which blew my mind and warmed my heart. I never ask for or expect anything like these from you guys, so it really does touch and amaze me...

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  • Shan snaps from May and June

    04 September 2022

    Time for some more Shan Sunday snaps! The first two date back to May, while the last two were taken when we went on holiday to Lanzarote in June. (There are going to be LOTS more photos from that...

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  • Darren and Steve - an arc

    03 September 2022

    In Cirque Du Freak, I always saw Darren and Steve as two sides of the same coin. While neither is based directly on myself, there are strong elements of me in both characters, and I basically used...

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  • Yet more signed books!

    02 September 2022

    You guys have been enjoying it every time I post photos of books that I've signed for fans in the past, and lots more have been shared with me since my last post, so here are another four that I...

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  • Shanville Monthly, September 2022

    01 September 2022

    The start of September marks the start of autumn time in my part of the world -- the kids are back to school, the days are shortening, there's a nip in the air (though at the moment I'm still able...

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