• Another brutal beastie in the bag!

    26 March 2011

    I spent the last couple of weeks working on the first draft of Book 9 of my new series. For those who haven't clocked mention of it in my previous blogs, this is the series I am hoping to release...

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  • My BIG eNews!!

    21 March 2011

    I can finally reveal the BIG news announcement which I hinted at last week, And it is this... I have agreed a deal with HarperCollins to release ALL of my children's books as ebooks in the UK...

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  • Short but sweet - and sometimes sickly!

    07 March 2011

    My short holiday in Thailand is almost at its end. I came with my friend Kenny (Pablo from the Message Board) to celebrate his 40th birthday. Because of other commitments, we could only come for...

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  • Power of Persuasion

    03 March 2011

    I'm in Thailand on a short holiday, so I know I shouldn't really be blogging, but I got a terrible attack of the vomits last night, so I've spent most of today in my room, taking it easy. My loss...

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  • Welcome back, stranger!

    21 February 2011

    It's been a busy old week-and-a-bit for me! I finished the first draft of the new book (see older entires for more info about that), then did an edit of what will hopefully be my next book for...

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  • And almost at the end!

    10 February 2011

    Work has proceeded nicely on the new book. (Just to remind everyone, it's book 8 of a new series which will hopefully see print at some point in the future after I'm finished the Mr Crepsley...

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