• Six days in—busy! busy!!

    05 October 2010

    Day 6 of the tour is down, and it was the busiest day yet!! On Monday I did a great schools event in Perth -- over 300 kids, a top-notch venue, and a first-rate sound system. I got my best...

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  • Four days in—bittersweet

    03 October 2010

    Day four of the tour has come and gone. I flew over to the UK on Friday night, then did a fun event in Windsor on Saturday, followed by a signing in Brent Cross. The traffic en route to BC was...

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  • Two days in…

    01 October 2010

    The first two days of the tour have passed smoothly, bringing the Irish leg to a satisfying close. (I originally intended to do more events in Ireland on this tour, but logistics on the UK side...

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  • All geared up for tour!

    29 September 2010

    The last few days have been hectic! On Monday I went into the HarperCollins offices and signed 1,100 copies of Birth Of A Killer -- they'll be sent to various independent stores through the UK...

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  • Back from holiday!

    26 September 2010

    Hi all -- remember me?!? Sorry for the extra long absence, but I've been away on holiday, and was just having too darn good a time to blog!! (Though I did tweet a bit!) Bas and I went to the...

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  • Who does Philip Pullman think he is?!?

    14 September 2010

    Phlip Pullman was quoted in The Telegraph a few days denouncing the use of the present tense by modern-day writers. For the full article, CLICK HERE. Now, Mr Pullman, is entitled to his view the...

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