• A Demonic Tarot Tuesday

    19 May 2020

    It's Tarot Tuesday time again, courtesy of Shanster Molly Marie. After producing an entire set based on my Cirque Du Freak books, Molly Marie has moved on to my Demonata series, and here are the...

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  • The Bookseller of India

    18 May 2020

    As most of you hopefully know by now, I released the first three books of my new Archibald Lox series last month -- and made the first book FREE to download. There was a nice article in The...

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  • Home of the Damned…

    17 May 2020

    I post some Shan family photos most Sundays, and this Sunday is no exception. Here are a few snaps from the last couple of months.


    The family photo was taken around Easter time, hence the eggs...

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  • At last - Darren Shan’s bookshelves!

    16 May 2020

    I've spent most of the week posting photos of various fans' bookshelves, so I guess it's only fitting that I wrap things up on that front with some photos of my own collection. I had lots of...

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  • A deluge of bookshelves!

    15 May 2020

    Charna's guts!!! I've been inundated with photos of bookshelves since I shared several earlier in the week. Not that I'm complaining -- it's lovely to see how important books are to people, and...

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  • Listen up!!!

    14 May 2020

    If you've ever wanted to hear me read out a chapter from Cirque Du Freak, this is what you've been waiting for!


    The staff of Court Fields School have been taking turns (along with some family...

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