• Cirque Du Canada

    24 June 2020

    I'm a bit late sharing this piece of news, but the Cirque Du Freak movie has been streaming on Netflix Canada since May 5th, as you can see in the article below. Whether this is a good thing or a...

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  • Tattoo Tuesday keeps on truckin’!

    23 June 2020

    Egads!! It's another Tattoo Tuesday!!! This one was shared with me by a fan with the best name in the world -- he's called Darren!!! It's a beautiful homage to Madam Octa, the spider beloved of...

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  • NovelTeens

    22 June 2020

    The Museum of Literature Ireland recently launched a strand called NovelTeens, in which authors provide some writing tips via short videos for up-and-coming writers. Each piece is about 5 or 6...

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  • The endless Sunday strolls

    21 June 2020

    The Shans have been doing a lot of local rambling during lockdown, staying within our prescribed boundaries, only venturing slightly further afield as the rules slowly change. So these photos,...

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  • The perfect read for Midsummer’s Day

    20 June 2020

    It's Midsummer's Day in the Western Hemisphere today, so I kind of feel obligated to give a shout-out to my Darren Dash novel, Midsummer's Bottom, which is set in the run-up to the longest day of...

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  • Bunny Crepsley!

    19 June 2020

    Let's all head into the weekend on a wave of laughter, courtesy of artistic Shanster Amity Lee, who put together a 4 panel cartoon in which we all get to see Larten Crepsley like we've never seen...

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