• Halloween snaps - part two

    13 December 2020

    Rounding up my Halloween photos (Late? What you mean, I'm late?!? I'm never late -- YOU must have celebrated Halloween EARLY!!!!), here are four more pics of the Shans in Samhain action.



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  • Starry Anatomical Shan

    12 December 2020

    Back during the first lockdown in Ireland, when it had been a few months since my last haircut, I used the Google Arts & Culture app to create a few self-portraits incorporating the styles of...

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  • Cirque Du Documentary?!?

    11 December 2020

    We all know that the Cirque Du Freak movie has been streaming on Netflix in most parts of the world for the last few years. (We DO all know that, don't we?!? Well, if some of you didn't know it...

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  • 29 redo’s please!

    10 December 2020

    There was an article on BuzzFeed a while back entitled 29 Book-To-Movie Adaptations That People Really Want A Redo Of. I've no idea why they chose 29 as opposed to a nice round number like 10, 20...

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  • CBI Lox

    09 December 2020

    There was a short but sweet review for the first three Archibald Lox books over on the CBI (Children's Books Ireland) site recently, in which the reviewer stated "the writing is fluid and the...

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  • Tattoo Tuesday

    08 December 2020

    Tattoo Tuesday is no longer a regular feature of my blog posts, but the occasional shot of a tat does still wing itself my way, and I'm always happy to share. This one was sent to me by a lady...

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