• Fear Street Trilogy review

    07 January 2022

    There was a neat review for the Fear Street trilogy of films on the Film Stories site a few months back. It helped persuade me to give the three movies a try -- I didn't like them as much as the...

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  • Happy customers in Trinity Academy

    06 January 2022

    A couple of months ago I sent the students of Trinity Academy in Barnsley (UK) a signed set of my Saga Of Darren Shan / Cirque Du Freak books. Why?!? Well, let's just say it was their DesTiny......

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  • First memes of 2022

    05 January 2022

    Let's feature some memes in today's blog post! I haven't shared any yet this year, so it's high time to get the ball rolling on that front!!


    I'm going with a Larten theme,

    That's the theme for...

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  • Tattoo Tuesday - Morgan MK 3!

    04 January 2022

    It's fitting that the first Tattoo Tuesday of 2022 belongs to a returning Shanster, who isn't back here for a second time, but a THIRD!!!


    Morgan thrilled us all with his Lord Loss tattoo last...

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  • Shanville Monthly - January 2022

    03 January 2022

    I normally post my monthly newsletter on the first day of every month, but this year I missed that deadline, partly because it was the Christmas season and I've been spending more time with my kids...

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  • My fave books of 2021

    02 January 2022

    I used to be a voracious reader in my teens, occasionally reading as many as 100 books a year. But in my twenties, when I began writing full time, I began reading less and less -- I was spending so...

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