• Happy birthday Gaia

    26 March 2023

    My little warrior princess celebrated her 4th birthday today. Soft play with a couple of her friends, a birthday party with family back home, and of course a book called “Why Do Things Die?”

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  • Wester fan art

    25 March 2023

    Wester Flack was one of the key characters in my Saga Of Larten Crepsley prequel series, which spanned the two centuries before Mr Crepsley crossed paths with Darren and Steve in the Cirque Du...

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  • March of the Memes

    24 March 2023

    I always enjoy a good meme, and here are four that had me chuckling loads!


    The first is the most recent -- it was only shared with me this morning, by FESTIETM on Twitter. I actually saw this...

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  • Out Loud & Awkward

    23 March 2023

    Last summer, a new podcast hit the world, called OUT LOUD & AWKWARD. It's still going strong, with the hosts chatting about a different subject every week, but in the very first episode they cast...

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  • Alizee Yeezy

    22 March 2023

    I haven't been doing much publicity recently, having decided to take things easy on that front after the release of the final Archibald Lox books last year -- I'm gearing myself up to hopefully do...

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  • Tattoo Tuesday - Jake

    21 March 2023

    It's Tattoo Tuesday time again, and this week's stunning tat comes to us courtesy of a fan of my stand-alone fantasy novel The Thin Executioner, called JAKE.

    As I've often stated since it was...

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