The final, never-before-published volume in the noirish, gritty urban fantasy for adults from the bestselling Children's author. 'The Cardinal is dead -- long live The Cardinal'. For ten years Capac Raimi has ruled the City as The Cardinal. Created by the first Cardinal to rule after him and...
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  • More Delight

    More Delight | 16 January 2015



    All the characters Jeery and Capac Raimi come in part three of The City trilogy - 'City of snakes' Darren Shan together. In the first part of the...

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  • Between The Pages

    Between The Pages | 26 June 2014

    Hey! I took a short hiatus while the insanity of school was wrapping up, I didn’t want to post cruddy content. Now that it is summer, the blog is back in full gear, starting with a book review!

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  • Book Reporter (2) | 12 June 2012

    CITY OF THE SNAKES brings a worthy horror/fantasy series to a close with a final installment that is more repulsive and shocking than ever. Thus far, these books have been crime mysteries...

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  • Television, Tea and Moo Shu Pork

    Television, Tea and Moo Shu Pork | 14 November 2011

    First, let me say I really enjoyed the first two books of the City trilogy. Procession of the Dead is my absolute favorite of Shan’s books, and Hell’s Horizon was one of the best mystery stories...

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  • Fantasy Book Critic

    Fantasy Book Critic | 11 November 2011

    OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: I was awaiting “City of the Snakes” since the moment I finished “Hell’s Horizon”. I knew that the third book would be taking a time leap and would be featuring characters from...

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  • Nights And Weekends

    Nights And Weekends | 31 July 2011

    In City of the Snakes, the third book in author Darren Shan’s The City trilogy, readers are lead into the life of Al Jeery, a serial killer who takes on the appearance of his father in order to...

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  • The Potted Plot

    The Potted Plot | 27 July 2011

    First off, I read this book without checking to see where it was in the City Trilogy. So, I read the last book before I read the second book! While reading this book, thankfully, Shan gave...

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  • Fantasy Literature

    Fantasy Literature | 04 July 2011

    City of the Snakes is the final entry in Darren Shan’s The City trilogy. The City is so corrupt that it should have fallen to pieces when its criminal overlord, the Cardinal, died. However,...

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  • | 04 June 2011

    With The City, Darren Shan seems to have filled a very particular niche. This is a dark series but well done, equal parts mystery and horror, casting a host of villains and really no traditional...

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  • Genre Go Round

    Genre Go Round | 22 April 2011

    The City has been ruled by the Cardinal, but with his death Capac Raimi became in charge with one difference from his late predecessor; he cannot be killed. Capac is not human; instead he is an...

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  • John Toon - A Cry For Help

    John Toon - A Cry For Help | 09 April 2011

    Waaaaay, way back in 1999, Orion Books published Ayuamarca: Procession of the Dead by Darren O'Shaughnessy. This was one of the last books in the 1990s wave of city-centred fantasy novels that...

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  • Teesside Evening Gazette

    Teesside Evening Gazette | 22 October 2010

    THE twisted plot in the final book in international best-selling author Darren Shan's The City trilogy combines the mysterious past of the Incas, a phantom assassin and a trio of women who have a...

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  • Novels Now

    Novels Now | 04 September 2010

    Starting ten years after the events of the first two books we meet up with Capac Raimi again whom we last really saw in Book One, though he was referred to in Book Two. We see that his rule as...

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  • Falcata Times

    Falcata Times | 11 August 2010

    Darren Shan is one of those authors that you either love or hate. Personally I love the guy’s writing but that doesn’t mean that it will appeal to everyone. Within this offering is a tale that...

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