When Hagurosan is told to take an offering to the shrine, he reluctantly begins his trek up the mountain. But when he gets hungry and eats the cake meant for the spirits, things take a turn that no one could have expected. Now Hagurosan must face the consequences of his actions.
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  • 9th Khash Cannan’s Reviews

    9th Khash Cannan's Reviews | 09 August 2013

    This is a story that mimics a Japanese folktale. As many know, Japan is so rich and vibrant in folktales and each of them have fascinated readers old and young alike. Darren Shan, The Master of...

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  • Fantasy Book Review

    Fantasy Book Review | 24 June 2013

    Japan is a country that has the reputation for having the most fairy tales written about it. The fact that most of them are anonymous does not make much difference. The tale of Yuki-Onna, or the...

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  • The Bookbag

    The Bookbag | 14 June 2013

    The story begins with a young child, living in a small village at the foot of a holy mountain. When he is told to take a small cake as an offering to the spirits of the shrine, he is disappointed...

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  • WEJS Book Blog

    WEJS Book Blog | 06 June 2013

    It's about a boy called Hagurosan who has to deliver a cake that his mother made to the Holy Mountain. On the way there, Hagurosan starts to eat the cake and eventually there are only crumbs...

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  • Ashley Manning

    Ashley Manning | 27 May 2013

    I wouldn’t know how to exactly define Darren Shan’s latest book, but it definitely isn’t his normal horror stuff. It is, however, a very good read. In a way it’s quite similar to Koyasan by Shan....

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  • Blog Dangerous

    Blog Dangerous | 24 May 2013

    This is a story about a boy, Hagurosan, who was asked by his Mother to bring an offering to the spirits of the mountain, a cake, which he did not do as he ate the offering.


    As punishment,...

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  • Caroline Lawrence

    Caroline Lawrence | 23 May 2013

    Apart from Cirque du Freak, I haven't read any of Darren Shan's books, mainly because horror isn't a genre than appeals to me. However, I just read this and thought it was FABULOUS. It is a kind...

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