The boys and girls in the graveyard were shouting, but Koyasan no longer heard them. The world had become a wide, grey void. She could hear deep rasping sounds, the breath of creatures which had been human once but weren’t any more…

Koyasan is too scared to cross the bridge and play in the...
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  • Reading Is Our Thing!

    Reading Is Our Thing! | 26 June 2014

    I loved this book! It was challenging when I first read it but it became easier and I have read it lots of times. I love Maiko - she can't say graveyard properly and says "gravy" which is really...

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  • The Guardian

    The Guardian | 25 May 2014

    This was a World Book Day short story which I have read over and over. Koyasan is very scared of the graveyard over the bridge and does not want to cross it like the other kids. Then her Sister's...

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  • Shvoong

    Shvoong | 19 October 2006

    Shan took a break from his darker horror stories for children to pen this delightful, but creepy ghost story for World Book Day 2006. With a folklore feel, a community is torn apart by the theft...

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