• Movie trailer heaven!!

    05 August 2009
    At last -- the moment so many of you have been waiting for!!! The movie trailer for Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant is now online, and I think it looks pretty kewl!!!
    You can check it...
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  • My brain hurts!!!

    04 August 2009
    Thinking hard all day -- ouch!!! This is simultaneously the most exciting and frustrating part about being an author -- the excitement of venturing into the unknown and discovering an entire new...
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  • At the verge of the unknown

    03 August 2009
    Edited the first half of the third book of my new series on Friday. On Saturday I put together the Shanville Monthly -- it took a bit longer than usual, because I had to add my October tour dates...
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  • Further into the darkness

    30 July 2009
    Finished my edit of the second book of my new series. This one really excited me!! I never know, when I complete a first draft, how it will read several months down the road. Does it all hang...
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  • Preparation H—for Horror!!!

    29 July 2009
    I've been busy editing the first couple of books of my new series over the last two days - I finished off the first and am almost halfway through the second. They're fairly short, especially the...
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  • I like to boogie… boogie-woogie!!

    27 July 2009
    Had a family party at the weekend -- it was my aunt Maureen's 25th wedding anniversary. We held it at the Woodlands House Hotel, which is fairly close to where I live. Had a great night -- the room...
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