• National Prince day!

    18 November 2020

    I've featured a lot of fan art on my site, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages over the last 20 years, but I don't think there's ever been a day until now when I was able to dedicate a post to the...

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  • The Spark of Demonic Revolution

    17 November 2020

    Another cosplaying Shanster lifts their head above the parapet to roar at a round full moon -- ArrrroooooOOOOOOOO!!!!


    These four howlingly horrific photos were taken by a fan with the Twitter...

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  • Old reviewer, new reviews

    16 November 2020

    A reviewer with the flutteringly beautiful name of The Butterfly Reader recently reviewed the first two books in my Saga of Darren Shan series -- Cirque Du Freak and The Vampire's Assistant. It's...

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  • Return to Ballybunion

    15 November 2020

    Some more photos from an impromptu Shan clan visit to Ballybunion beach that we made on a sunny day in September. There were lots of photos of Grandad Shan in last week's batch -- this week there's...

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  • I’m back!!!

    14 November 2020

    It's finished.


    It's finally finished.


    I have shuffled, slowly and sluggishly, out of the creative wilderness, and the first draft of Archibald Lox: Volume Three is finally, finally...

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  • Recommend reads for Friday the 13th

    13 November 2020

    Halloween might have come and gone for another year -- but hey, look -- it's Friday the 13th!!! Seems like the perfect excuse to round up some Halloween-themed bits and pieces that I never got a...

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