• More signed books

    10 August 2022

    Over the last few weeks, lots of fans have been sharing photos of messages that I wrote in their books when on tour. I've been having great fun reading these old messages, and judging by the...

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  • A Connoisseur’s Legion

    09 August 2022

    I think it's one of those bittersweet facts of life that the endings of long book series (or movie or TV series for that matter) often leave a fair percentage of their fans disappointed. It's hard,...

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  • Where to watch the Cirque Du Freak

    08 August 2022

    I was sent an email reminder a few days ago about where you can watch the Cirque Du Freak movie in the USA, and since it's been a while since I highlighted it in a post here, I thought I'd forward...

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  • The wheel of destiny spins strangely but surely!

    07 August 2022

    Back in April the Shans went for a spin on a panoramic wheel which had been set up in Arthur's Quay Park in Limerick over the Easter period. It was a bit of a cloudy, blustery day, as you can see...

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  • Mr Crepsley and Darren fan art

    06 August 2022

    My most popular series with readers around the world is, by quite a long shot, The Saga Of Darren Shan (also known as the Cirque Du Freak series). I think one of the key reasons why it's so beloved...

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  • Shantastic collections

    05 August 2022

    I'm only too well aware that I can be difficult author to keep up with -- the problem with releasing as many books as I have is that it's tricky for fans to keep in the loop and know when new books...

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