• The Demonata - plan 1

    25 April 2024

    I just this minute finished typing up one of my plans for how a TV adaptation of The Demonata might be structured.


    "One of?!?"


    Yep. When I started working things out, I saw that there were...

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  • Evelyn’s Casket - Cirque Du Freak video

    24 April 2024

    A band called EVELYN'S CASKET recorded a song with the very cool name of Cirque Du Freak a while back, in honour of my books which they enjoy. It's a great, catchy little number, and I've shared it...

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  • Just Kids Books and Lowplex

    18 April 2024

    For quite a while now, readers in the UK (and, to an extent, Europe) have been able to order complete sets of most of my series through Lowplex at extraordinarily low prices. The sets have...

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  • Lucca the troll

    17 April 2024

    One of the perks I offered in my Terrified Troll fundraiser was a handwritten copy of the poem that inspired the picture book. A grandfather called Stewart, who came to see me regularly with his...

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  • Bec - reviewed by Phoenix Project

    16 April 2024

    An interesting review of BEC by The Phoenix Project. The reviewer is as eloquent as ever, and praises the novel highly, but DOES call its placement in the series into question, arguing that it...

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  • US Review Of Books - Father of the Future

    15 April 2024

    When Father Of The Future - my latest novel for adult readers, released under the pseudonym of Darren Dash - was released late last year, it picked up lots of extremely positive reviews, including...

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