• Cirque Du choo-choo!!!

    13 May 2024

    A mother of a student went to his school recently, and was impressed to spot a "literary Tube map" -- this is like the famous London Tube Map, only every "train line" represents a genre of books,...

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  • Midsummer’s Bottom Mother’s Day sale

    10 May 2024

    To tie in with a Kobo Mother's Day sale in the USA, I've reduced the price of the eBook of my Darren Dash novel, Midsummer's Bottom, to just $0.99 for the next few days. I've also reduced the price...

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  • Cirque Du Freak’s 27th birthday

    08 May 2024

    Twenty-seven years ago today, on May 8th 1997, I was sitting in a car, babysitting a young cousin who was asleep in the back, when I had an idea for a book about a young boy who runs into a vampire...

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  • Beyond the Spines review of Father

    07 May 2024

    There was a lovely review for Father Of The Future, my latest Darren Dash novel for adult readers, on BEYOND THE SPINES REVIEWS. It was the first of my books for older readers that the reviewer had...

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  • Cirque Du Freak on Audible

    02 May 2024

    I've had a few people asking me recently if the Cirque Du Freak audiobooks are being removed from Audible. As far as I'm aware, no they're not -- but, based on this screenshot that one fan sent me,...

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  • The Demonata - plan 1

    25 April 2024

    I just this minute finished typing up one of my plans for how a TV adaptation of The Demonata might be structured.


    "One of?!?"


    Yep. When I started working things out, I saw that there were...

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