• Ginger Nuts of Halloween

    21 April 2022

    Ginger Nuts of Horror is a fabulous website for those whose tastes in fiction run a little bit... bloody!! Last Halloween they published an article about the lack of male lead characters in YA...

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  • The Times of Tunbridge Wells

    20 April 2022

    The was a nice mention for the upcoming Tunbridge Wells Literary Festival in the Times of Tunbridge Wells, providing its readers with a brief overview of what they could expect in the children's...

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  • T S Hathaway reviews - part 3

    19 April 2022

    A blogger called T.S. Hathaway recently reviewed all 12 books in my Saga Of Darren Shan / Cirque Du Freak series. I provided links for the first six a while back (some are also in the April issue...

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  • Facebook Trivia game question

    18 April 2022

    A fan called Kayla contacted me recently, to say she felt very excited when I popped up as a question when she was playing the Facebook Trivia game! She sent me a screenshot of the question and...

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  • Nearing the end of the pre-Christmas photos!

    17 April 2022

    I'm ALMOST at the end of the 2021 Shan clan photos which have been sitting in a folder on my PC for many long months! Four in this batch, then four more, then we're going to be swinging firmly into...

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  • Two weeks to Tunbridge Wells

    16 April 2022

    Two weeks from today, on Saturday April 30th at 2pm, I'll be doing my first live-in-the-flesh event in almost three years, and my first in England in six years! It will be part of the Tunbridge...

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