• Tattoo Tuesday - Morgan’s finished Beast!

    02 August 2022

    It's TATTOO TUESDAY time again... and it's Morgan again .. and it's Blood Beast again... but Blood Beast MK2!!


    So, basically, back in June I shared a photo of Morgan's latest Work In Progress...

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  • Easter egg hunt

    31 July 2022

    Admittedly, Easter fell quite a while ago now, so it's really a bit late in the year to be sharing snaps that were taken back then, but hey, I stand firmly into the time-is-relative camp, so......

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  • Fan art - a movie poster and more

    30 July 2022

    I like to feature fan art here most Saturdays, to honour those very talented Shansters who have been beavering away, bringing the characters of my books to life.


    First, we have an incredible...

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  • Signed books and letters

    29 July 2022

    By random chance -- or, y'know, by DesTiny!!! -- a few different fans have recently sent me photos of messages that I signed in a book for them, or letters that I sent to them. From oldest to...

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  • Hungarian Archibald Lox available to pre-order NOW

    28 July 2022

    I announced last month that Volume 1 of my Archibald Lox series is being translated into Hungarian, and will be released in spring 2023. Following up on that, I can now confirm that there will be...

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  • Reddit AMA marathon

    27 July 2022

    Ay carumba!!! The Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) last night was CRAZY!!! I'd agreed to spend two hours answering questions, and was worried that I might be fiddling my thumbs for much of that time,...

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