The book starts almost immediately after the end of "Ocean Of Blood", with Larten and the baby stranded in the icy wastes of Greenland. Larten searches for death in the snowdrifts, but is spared by a very unexpected twist of destiny. The action then jumps forward several years, to Paris at the...
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  • Reviews for Palace Of The Damned

  • Chuckles Book Cave

    Chuckles Book Cave | 20 January 2014

    Larten is at rock bottom when he flees the ship with the baby, escaping to Greenland where he plans to let himself die. He discovers a legendary vampire palace and his life is saved by Desmond...

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  • YA big BOOKworm

    YA bigBOOKworm | 13 March 2013

    Larten Crepsley is running from a horrible sin he just committed. After slaughtering almost the entire crew of the Pearly Tornado, he has docked at Greenland and is making his way across the icy...

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  • 50 Books In A Year Challenge

    50 Books In A Year Challenge | 16 February 2013

    The gruesome ending of the second book of the Larten Crepsley saga left the vampire stranded in Greenland with a human baby, with no will to live. However after a fateful encounter with destiny...

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  • Teenreads

    Teenreads | 22 January 2012

    Larten Crepsley’s life could never be considered an “easy” one. He was born into the most difficult of circumstances and left his hometown as a known killer. He has been in and out of one awful...

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  • Ridiculously Rich reads

    Ridiculously Rich reads | 20 December 2011

    Okay, so a couple of nights ago I finished "Palace of the Damned" by the one and only master of horror, DARREN SHAN!!! The very first page grabs you by the neck and doesn't let you go. It is that...

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  • Miss Cummins’s Crew of Critics

    Miss Cummins's Crew of Critics | 06 December 2011

    One of the characters are Larten Crepsley, is a Vampire and he’s crabby and serious. Alicia is the most funny and beautiful human in the world. Oh and don’t forget this cute little kid Gavner,...

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  • Christi The Teen Librarian

    Christi The Teen Librarian | 14 November 2011

    I had read the first two books in the Cirque du Freak series and liked them well enough. I even watched the movie (I know, I know, but I do love John C. Reilly. Sadly, even he wasn't enough to...

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  • Reading Is My Cup Of Tea

    Reading Is My Cup f Tea | 14 November 2011

    This is the third book in the Larten Crepsley saga and I personally really enjoyed it! After the rather dull and disappointing previous book, I debated on whether or not I should continue with...

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  • Inis Magazine

    Inis Magazine | 13 November 2011

    Let’s be quite clear here – as a horror author, part of me wanted to hate this. Darren Shan has been considered the master of children’s and young adult horror for over a decade now, and it’s...

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  • The Life of One Random Tall Girl

    The Life of One Random Tall Girl | 30 October 2011

    Palace Of The Damned continues from where Ocean of Blood ended, with Larten somewhere in Greenland with the baby. There, Larten accidentally found the mythical tomb like a palace and coffins made...

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  • We Love This Book

    We Love This Book | 21 October 2011

    Palace of the Damned is the third and penultimate book in the Saga of Larten Crepsley series. Larten is lost in the Arctic wastelands, carrying a baby – the one human he saves after savagely...

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  • Books @ NCPL

    Books @ NCPL | 20 October 2011

    After his ill-fated voyage on a blood bathed passenger ship, the vampire Larten Crepsley has lost all will to live through his immortal life. Burdened with a young child from one of the dead...

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  • CSI Librarian

    CSI Librarian | 18 October 2011

    I could not be happier (or more relieved) to report that Palace of the Damned was vastly more enjoyable and engaging than the previous book in Larten’s Saga.


    Events, emotions, and...

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  • The Book Splot

    The Book Splot | 12 October 2011

    Picking up exactly where Ocean of Blood left off, Palace of the Damned is the penultimate book in this prequel (to Circus of the Damned) quartet. After killing the ship's entire crew - as revenge...

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  • The Book Zone (For Boys)

    The Book Zone (For Boys) | 01 October 2011

    Has Darren Shan sold his soul to the devil? That's a question I have asked myself after finishing all three of the books I have read so far in The Saga of Larten Crepsley. Why? Because the man...

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