• Maven of the Eventide

    05 February 2020

    I was thrilled to see famed vampire reviewer Maven Of The Eventide post a lengthy video review of Cirque Du Freak (along with The Vampire's Assistant and Tunnels Of Blood) last week. It's a really...

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  • Molly Marie Tuesday!

    04 February 2020

    In the absence of any new recent tattoos, Molly Marie is pretty much keeping Tattoo Tuesday alive single-handedly with her designs for tattoos based on various characters in my books. This week...

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  • Point of view

    03 February 2020

    I've seen all sorts of drawings of Mr Crepsley over the last twenty years, from every sort of angle imaginable, but just when I think there's nothing an artist can do with him to surprise me, along...

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  • Gaia… walks!

    02 February 2020

    So, yeah, the big news in Shanville this week hasn't been anything to do with my books, but with my little 10 month old daughter Gaia taking her first steps. Click on the link or photo for a video...

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  • Harkat’s favourite reading material

    01 February 2020

    Why is Harkat Mulds so happy?!?


    Could it be because he's sick of winter and February 1st marks the start of spring in the ancient Irish Celtic calendar? Hmmm... if it was Bec, I'd say that was...

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