• Toast and Crows

    23 February 2020

    As I do most Sundays, I'm sharing some Shan family snaps, and this week I'm featuring my daughter Gaia.


    The first photo was taken a few weeks back, before she had properly started walking but...

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  • Gacha Life?!?

    22 February 2020

    I must be honest -- I'd never heard of Gacha Life before a fan called Sam shared this drawing with me a while back. I don't really play video games, and know next to nothing about them. But...

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  • Pronunciation denunciation!

    21 February 2020

    I've had a few enquiries/comments over the last few weeks about the pronunciations of certain character names in my books. The latest was on Twitter, where a follower was watching an old interview...

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  • Evra fan art

    20 February 2020

    Evra Von continues to be one of the most popular of my characters when it comes to the fan art world. Darren and Mr Crepsley tend to lead the pack, with plenty also focusing on the likes of Harkat,...

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  • Freaky new review

    19 February 2020

    It's twenty years since Cirque Du Freak was first released, but there are still new reviewers coming fresh to the series, such as this blogger with the user name of Popcorn And Paperbacks. It's...

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  • Tarot Tuesday

    18 February 2020

    I've featured tattoo designs by a fan called Molly Marie over the last couple of Tattoo Tuesdays, but this week we're moving onto something very different -- TAROT Tuesday!! Intriguingly, Molly...

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