• NBC Josh Hutcherson

    09 November 2023

    Five Nights At Freddy's is still going strong in the theatres -- my 9 year old son is VERY keen to see it, and in Ireland it has a 15A certificate, which means under 15's can go if accompanied by...

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  • Lettered Troll selling out

    08 November 2023

    The fundraiser to help bring my picture book to life -- The Terrified Troll, which is being illustrated by a talented young artist called Eva Byrne -- is ticking along nicely. There's still loads...

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  • Troll halfway there

    07 November 2023

    I know I've posted a lot about my Terrified Troll picture book fundraiser recently, so I'll keep this brief.


    1) Today we passed the 50% point, after just over a week of the fundraiser going...

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  • Self-Publishing Father review

    06 November 2023

    I've been so busy plugging my picture book fundraiser this last week (what?!? you haven't heard about it yet?!? do a search for THE TERRIFIED TROLL INDIEGOGO) that I kind of forgot to throw in an...

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  • Luke reviews CDF as an adult

    04 November 2023

    A reviewer called LUKE W HENDERSON was a big fan of my books when he was a teenager. A decade later he decided to return to the series to see how they stood up when read from an adult's...

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  • Revised fundraiser prices

    02 November 2023

    OK, I’m going to be honest here — I boo-booed a bit with my Terrified Troll fundraiser!! It’s the first time I’ve ever run something like this, and even though Eva (the artist) and I spent AGES...

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