Bec is a young orphan living in a small ring fort in Celtic Ireland. She is studying to be a priestess. She's not especially powerful, but she has an extraordinary memory and her teacher, Banba, believes she can one day prove herself useful to the clan they live with. It is a time of great change...
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  • Arkham Reviews

    Arkham Reviews | 11 January 2015

    The Demonata is the second horror series released by the ever popular Darren Shan. Its story focuses on the constant battles fought by magically gifted humans as they try to prevent monsters (the...

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  • Nyx Book Reviews

    Nyx Book Reviews | 28 April 2011

    While this book is often shelved as children’s book, it comes with a warning: this series is Seriously Scary. And it definitely deserves this label. Darren Shan is a master in writing true...

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  • Bec (Yet Another Book Review USA) | 29 April 2010
    Bec is the second out of the four books in the Demonata series, so far, that is something I would deem a flashback novel. This novel is set in the 5th century Ireland when Christianity started...
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  • Bec (Audio Book) (YARA Australia) | 01 August 2007
    This fourth story in The Demonata series takes horror to an all new level. The book begins and ends with the ominous words Screams in the dark and between these words there are certainly many...
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  • Bec (YARA Australia) | 01 August 2007
    This fourth story in The Demonata series takes horror to an all new level. The book begins and ends with the ominous words Screams in the dark and between these words there are certainly many...
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  • Bec (Write Away UK) | 21 November 2006
    Synopsis: It starts with screams in the dark in true Shan style as the priestess Bec enters the world to battle the hoards of Demonata threatening to break through into our world and destroy...
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  • Bec (Westmorland Gazette UK) | 08 December 2006
    Darren Shan's gruesome stories sell by the millions, testifying to the huge appetite that children have for all things scary. His big breakthrough came with his first children's book, Cirque du...
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  • Bec (Thrushmetal USA) | 29 April 2010
    Although Bec is the fourth book in the Demonata series, chronologically, it takes place before the first three. Those of you whose first thought is, “hey, isn’t that like the Narnia series?” not...
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  • Bec (Teens Read Too USA) | 01 May 2007
    Bec has never led a normal life, or was never given the chance to. Born only remembering her mother and how she passed away, Bec was saved by a village’s priestess who urged the village leaders to...
    Read full review: Bec (Teens Read Too USA)
  • Bec (Teen Reads USA) | 29 April 2010
    Found dead on the outskirts of the rath's walls, Bec's mother has struggled desperately to get her baby to safety. When the villagers find them, they take the child in as one of their own....
    Read full review: Bec (Teen Reads USA)
  • Bec (Teen Ink USA) | 29 April 2010
    Darren Shan has magical ways of writing tales for those who are not faint of heart. Whether it be the Demonata or Cirque Du Freak, the gut-wrenching tales will have you turning pages faster than...
    Read full review: Bec (Teen Ink USA)
  • Bec (Sunday Business Post Ireland)

    Sunday Business Post (Ireland) | 29 April 2010
    Irish author Shan - the pen name of Darren O'Shaughnessy - is a hugely prolific writer of horror novels for children, most of them revolving around vampires (his 'Cirque du Freak'...
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  • Bec (Samuel’s Reading Chair UK) | 01 August 2007
    Life in a demon-besieged fort is far from easy for Bec; a young priestess-in-training. Her mentor and mother have long since died, and her magic is weak and raw from lack of instruction. She sees...
    Read full review: Bec (Samuel’s Reading Chair UK)
  • Bec (RBWM UK) | 29 April 2010
    Bec is the 4th book in the Demonata series. The story follows Bec, a trainee priestess, back in time time of the Picts and the Celts. Bec remembers her birth, she remembers her mother - that is...
    Read full review: Bec (RBWM UK)
  • Bec (Of Smiles and Syntax UK) | 03 July 2008
    Simple, Fast, Horrible.Why I read it: Since this book was published I've been moaning about the linking of my name to an evil ugly monster/demon/thing. It was time I stopped 'judging a book by...
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  • Bec (Mint Green Fan Review Holland) | 16 March 2007
    Well, I finally read Bec. My first Friday off to study for the final exams (yes, huzzah, from now on no more Fridays at school, which effectively cuts out the worst day of the week, Thursday...
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  • Bec (The Mail on Sunday UK)

    The Mail on Sunday (UK) | 29 April 2010
    Darren Shan deserves to be knighted for his services in getting boys to read, but, as his books tend to be about people having their guts torn out by ravening demons, it's unlikely he ever...
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  • Bec (Love Reading 4 Kids UK) | 02 October 2006
    If you know someone who enjoys the feeling of fear and terror whilst reading then there is no one doing it better than Darren Shan. Bec continues the successful Demonata series but the book also...
    Read full review: Bec (Love Reading 4 Kids UK)
  • Bec (Irish Post Ireland)

    Irish Post (Ireland) | 29 April 2010
    Darren Shan's real name is Darren O'Shaughnessy. He was brought up in Co. Limerick and originally wrote for adults. He is the author of the phenomenally successful horror series for children,...
    Read full review: Bec (Irish Post Ireland)
  • Bec (INIS Ireland)

    INIS (Ireland) | 29 April 2010
    This is Darren Shan's fourth book in his Demonata series, following on his hugely successful twelve-volume Saga of Darren Shan. Each of his books is eagerly awaited by his avid fans,...
    Read full review: Bec (INIS Ireland)
  • Bec (The Independant UK) | 03 December 2006
    I expected a lot from Darren Shan's 16th novel, Bec (Harper Collins £12.99), and I got a lot. This book was easily as exciting as the other three books in the Demonata series.Bec is an apprentice...
    Read full review: Bec (The Independant UK)
  • Bec (Gateway UK) | 29 April 2010
    I was expecting the further adventure of Grubbs and Dervish, but this one is, if anything, even better - a superb tale of Druids and Demons, a first-person tale by Bec, the untrained magician, and...
    Read full review: Bec (Gateway UK)
  • Bec (Evening Echo UK)

    Evening Echo (Ireland) | 29 April 2010
    IN THE explosive fourth book of the Demonata series, horror writer Darren Shan throws us back to the time of crannogs, druids and murderous demons. Bec, a young trainee priestess, was...
    Read full review: Bec (Evening Echo UK)
  • Bec (Crowgrrl’s Perch USA) | 10 June 2007
    Darren Shan's Bec is the fourth installment of the excellent Demonata series. This one is a totally unexpected gem in the demonic crown! Not only does this focus on a female lead character for...
    Read full review: Bec (Crowgrrl’s Perch USA)
  • Bec (Critical Mass USA) | 13 December 2007
    The fourth title in the Demonata series, supernatural fantasy adventures for younger readers, claims to be "chilling", but despite the plethora of demons found within this slender volume, it is...
    Read full review: Bec (Critical Mass USA)
  • Bec (Courier Press USA) | 12 August 2007
    This is the fourth book in Shan's Demonata series, which follows several main characters who all live in different places and times. This title is set in pre-Christian Ireland, far removed from the...
    Read full review: Bec (Courier Press USA)
  • Bec (CIAO UK)

    CIAO (UK) | 29 April 2010
    REVIEW BY: "Bluebolt 44"This book is amazingly well put together, just like all of Darren Shan's work though. He conveys the emotions and feelings of all characters towards their situations and...
    Read full review: Bec (CIAO UK)
  • Bec (Childrens Literature USA) | 28 November 2008
    Bec is the fourth book in the "Demonata" series. Bec is an orphaned apprentice priestess. Her teacher died leaving her to care for her village. The village struggles to defend itself from nightly...
    Read full review: Bec (Childrens Literature USA)
  • Bec (Books for Keeps UK)

    Books for Keeps (UK) | 01 March 2007
    To my shame, this is the first of Shan's books I have read; I now understand why they are so popular. This is the fourth in the Demonata series, but the novel can stand alone. However, Shan fans...
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  • Bec (Books Quarterly UK)

    Books Quarterly Waterstones (UK) | 29 April 2010
    Life was easy when Bec was just an orphan taken in by a mysterious priestess, but then the demons began their attacks. An unusual messenger signals the start of the heroine's flight...
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  • Bec (Book Ends UK) | 29 April 2010
    This is the 4th book in the Demonata series from popular young adult writer, Darren Shan. Set in Ireland approximately 2000 years ago, Bec is a trainee Priestess who must use her skills to fight...
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  • Bec (Associated Content USA) | 29 August 2008
    "The Demonata exist in a multi-world universe of their own. Evil, Murderous creatures, who revel in torment and slaughter. They try to cross over into our world all the time..."The tales in this...
    Read full review: Bec (Associated Content USA)