• More old signed books

    25 August 2022

    Fan have continued to send me photos of books of theirs that I signed in the past, so I'm going to keep sharing them with you guys, until we either all get bored of this or we perish of old age --...

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  • Culture Leicestershire

    24 August 2022

    This cool, creepy, eight-legged bundle of nightmares was drawn by JM, who was inspired by my book The Vampire's Assistant.


    This was created for the wonderful My Books My Story project in...

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  • Volume 3 COVER REVEAL!

    23 August 2022


    The Volume 3 omnibus of my Archibald Lox series goes on sale on October 25th. It collects the final three books of the series in a lovely, thick, single edition, and presents them...

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  • Archie 9 Goodreads reviews

    22 August 2022

    My Archibald Lox series drew to a close last month with the publication of the ninth and final book, Archibald Lox and the Legion of the Lost. It's gone down very nicely with readers and has been...

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  • Darren and Evra fan art

    20 August 2022

    The friendship between Darren and Evra played a big role in books 2 and 3 of my Cirque Du Freak series, and resurfaced further along in the storyline. I'd originally planned for Evra to have an...

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  • Starters’ orders! Signed books!

    19 August 2022

    More fans have been sharing photos of books that I signed and dedicated to them while on tour in the past, and since they're proving so popular (with my followers AND with ME!!), here are a few...

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