Wolf Island, the 8th book of The Demonata, is set around the same time period as Death's Shadow, and certain events overlap. Grubbs is the narrator. Having accepted his role as Beranabus's assistant, he has been getting on with the job of trying to find out more about the mysterious Shadow by...
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  • Daily Record

    Daily Record | 22 March 2014

    This is part of the Demonata series, which is about demons from another universe trying to break through the Earth's defences. Protecting the Earth are men and women called Disciples, who have...

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  • Wolf Island (Write Away UK)

    writeaway.org.uk | 07 March 2009
    The eighth book in the DEMONATA series. Back to Grubbs and the werewolf problem. Please note this review contains spoilers.Review: This is not Darren Shan's best book by far. I wonder if he had a...
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  • Wolf Island (VOYA USA)

    Voya (USA) | 29 April 2010
    Every Demonata reader knows that the Lambs are a necessary evil, ridding the world of innocent—albeit dangerous—teens who morph into werewolves and make the earth unsafe for humanity. But when...
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  • Wolf Island (Teen Reads USA)

    teenreads.com | 29 April 2010
    The last thing that Grubbs Grady would ever want to do is to face the lycanthropic family curse. He knows what his heritage entails, and being a werewolf is one of them. Dangerous and overpowering,...
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  • Wolf Island (The Tainted Poet USA)

    tainted-poet.blogspot.com | 21 May 2009
    Wolf Island is the 8th book in Darren Shan's book series The Demonata. Told from the POV of Grubbs Grady, this book coincides with the events in book 7 (and as well as book 9 (Dark Calling), which...
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  • Wolf Island (School Library Journal USA)

    School Library Journal (USA) | 29 April 2010
    Grubbs Grady, his magical mentor Beranabus, and their ally Kernel-all featured in previous volumes—battle their way through the alternate worlds of demons and other creepy creatures. They kill all...
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  • Wolf Island (Everything to do with Books USA)

    everythingtodowithbooks.blogspot.com | 17 June 2009
    Grubbs Grady treads new ground in this, the eighth dramatic title in the Demonata. But beware - Trespassers will be eaten!I really love the Demonata series and Wolf Island was another good...
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  • Wolf Island (DEMON UK)

    DEMON (De Montfort University Student Union) (UK) | 29 April 2010
    Darren Shan is by nature a children's writer but his newest collection "Tales Of The Demonata," is far from a children's book. Filled with thrills, chills and scares, Darren Shan exceeds...
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  • Wolf Island (Book Wyrm USA)

    bookwyrmreviews.blogspot.com | 09 September 2009
    Grubbs Grady, Meera Falme, and Shark set off with nine others to find and capture Prea Athim. Prea has stolen hundreds of werewolves from the Lambs and set them on the island, and it appears that...
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