The sixth book in the series. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, B Smith has decided to live -- and to fight for good as long as possible. However, London is overridden with the brain-eating undead and swarming with human mercenaries whose sense of right and wrong dissolved when society did. When they...
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  • Reviews for Zom-B Gladiator

  • Zombie Diaries

    Zombie Diaries | 03 November 2014

    Again lots of filler in the beginning but I enjoyed the excitement at the end and it got a bit mushy too. *AWE*


    So B is back at the safe haven with Dr. O. still doing some training with the...

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  • ads40

    ads40 | 18 October 2014

    B Smith is recuperating with Dr Oystein and the group of thinking, talking undead named the ‘Angels,’ that she can’t quite bring herself to call her friends, for fear of the violent loss she...

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  • Purple Booky

    Purple Booky | 08 September 2014

    Zom-B Gladiator is the 6th book in Darren Shan’s Zom-B series. Before I start about this book I would like to thank the author for writing this amazing series. Dam I have to wait until I get my...

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  • Matthewrbell

    Matthewrbell | 20 July 2014

    I just want to take a moment and thank Darren Shan for the amazing stories he creates. Not only with the Zom-B series, but anything in general. After finishing this instalment I realised how...

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  • Tulleruska’s World

    Tulleruska's World | 22 June 2014



    It's fun to follow a character who evolves for each book. By realizing the value of friends in a cruel time and also can realize their...

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  • San Francisco Book Review

    San Francisco Book Review | 28 May 2014

    The cover alone on this book makes this book ultra-appealing. Zom-B Gladiator is book six in this series, and while I have only read this one and number four, they are great standalone books,...

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  • Fiction State Of Mind

    Fiction State Of Mind | 28 April 2014

    I’m totally in love with this book! So welcome to another fangirling session about one of my favorite series Darren Shan is knocking it out of the park with story development and zombie goodness...

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  • Fiction Fascination

    Fiction Fascination | 29 March 2014

    Zom-B Gladiator is the 6th instalment in the fantastic Zom-B series. It sees us at the halfway point and really anything could happen....and probably will!


    I really enjoyed the events in...

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  • Bookish Posts

    Bookish Posts | 24 February 2014

    Another Darren Shan masterpiece. This book is definitely my favorite in the series. A thrilling, gory, page turner book, that leaves you at the edge of your seat. The past few books were all...

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  • Twirling Book Princess

    Twirling Book Princess | 21 February 2014

    While better, this book was also far more disturbing. We got a few new characters, and we meet older characters.


    One of them is named Dan-Dan.


    Dan-Dan is a sick, sick twisted person...

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  • The Guardian

    The Guardian | 20 February 2014

    Becky Smith is no ordinary zombie, she is a special zombie that can speak, think and likes the living. But the best bit is that there's a whole team of them.


    But one day they find a woman...

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  • Book People Teen Press Corp

    Book People Teen Press Corp | 14 February 2014

    Zom-B Gladiator blew my socks off. Just when I though Darren Shan couldn’t get any better he brings to life another stunning installment of the Zom-B series. Zom-B Gladiator brings forth a...

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  • Starburst

    Starburst | 13 February 2014

    Pretty much everything you need to know about Zom-B Gladiator is in the name, which conjures up images of fighting your own kind while depraved individuals watch and bay for blood. B faces this...

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  • Booklist

    Booklist | 07 February 2014

    The sixth entry in the Zom-B series (with six more coming over the next 18 months!) continues the odyssey of the undead B as she tries to munch brains for good instead of evil. The return of...

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  • Teen Scene

    Teen Scene | 05 February 2014

    The book was about the Zombie Apocalypse located in London, England in present day. The book is about a girl named B who has been bitten and has turned into a zombie, only to become capable of...

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  • The Bookbag

    The Bookbag | 03 February 2014

    WARNING: Gladiator is the sixth book in the ZOM-B series, so if you don't want to catch any spoilers, look away now.


    Don't say I didn't warn you.


    You're gone, right?




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  • bOOK wALRUS 2

    Book Walrus | 03 February 2014



    Zom-B Gladiators is the most recent book in Darren Shan’s Zom-B series. Zom-B is a zombie apocalypse book series, but with a twist as the main character is a zombie...

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  • Book Walrus 1

    Book Walrus | 03 February 2014



    In the latest Zom-B book, Becky Smith gets sent on missions with other Angels (the revitalized) to capture zombie hideouts, search for living humans and search for...

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  • The Book Owl Extraordinaire

    The Book Owl Extraordinaire | 02 February 2014

    This book was awesome just like the other books in this series.


    The plot of this book is simple as you can tell by the name of the book. B is now part of Dr. Oystein's angel and she goes on...

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  • Reviewer’s Digest

    Reviewer's Digest | 30 January 2014

    At the beginning of 2014 Darren Shan released the sixth book in his Zom-B series: Zom-B Gladiator.


    After B returns to County Hall to help the Angels with their mission, she finds herself...

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  • Book Expectations

    Book Expectations | 22 January 2014

    Just when you thought Darren Shan couldn’t possibly think up of anyone creepier than the clown, enter Dan Dan. Okay, maybe it would have been creepier if Dan Dan also happened to be a clown, but...

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  • Teenreads

    Teenreads | 21 January 2014

    Horror and fantasy writer Darren Shan is on the sixth installment of the ZOM-B series. He is the author of the children’s title CIRQUE DU FREAK, and has written various adult novels, including...

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  • Empire Of Books

    Empire Of Books | 03 January 2014

    Oh, boy. Here we go again. Another year and another rollercoaster expected for fans of a certain horror author. Yes, that's right, Mr. Darren Shan is set to publish four main volumes in the Zom-B...

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  • So Many Books, So Little Time

    So Many Books, So Little Time | 27 December 2013

    I’ve come to the conclusion that this series is very much like taking a shot: over quickly, but packs a powerful punch. Zom-B Gladiator was no exception.


    Throughout the series, Darren Shan...

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