The third book in the series. B explores the streets of London, where we get our first glimpses of what has happened to the world in the wake of the zombie attacks. It is a city of the dead and undead, but there are survivors at large too -- some of whom are more dangerous than the zombies. B...
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  • Reviews for Zom-B City

  • ads40

    ads40 | 24 September 2014

    Escaping an underground research centre, B finds herself in a desolate city-scape full of monsters and the lost, both human and dead.


    She encounters a group of survivalist humans who have...

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  • Vulcan Fiction Writer

    Vulcan Fiction Writer | 15 September 2014

    B’s escaped the facility she was in only to find herself in the open. She goes back to her old streets and stays for a few days. She realizes that nothing can really be done there. She thinks...

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  • The Author’s Apprentice

    The Author's Apprentice | 30 August 2014

    ‘Zom-B City’ is the third in Irish author Darren Shan’s new twelve book series of zombie novels for young adults. Shan shot to fame over a decade ago with a series of vampire stories for...

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  • Matthewrbell

    Matthewrbell | 13 July 2014

    Another macabre zombie tale by 'The Master of Horror' done. Time well and wickedly spent. While I'm ecstatic at the content, and the speed of which I'm breezing through them, I am also terrified....

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  • Adventures Of A Teenage Bookworm

    Adventures Of A Teenage Bookworm | 30 June 2014

    When I finished this book it took me a long while to try and compose my thoughts on it into a way that made sense. I felt that this book was lacking in the action department in comparison to the...

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  • Tulleruska’s World

    Tulleruska's World | 22 June 2014



    This third book was not on par with the previous two pedestrians. It was not bad for B meet some real crazies, but the story did not have...

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  • Rachel Verna’s Weirdness

    Rachel Verna's Weirdness | 12 June 2014

    Okay, for a sec there I thought we were in the Walking Dead.


    How many survived the zombie apocalypse?
    Where do the living hide in a city of the dead?
    Who controls the streets of London?...

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  • Taking A Break

    Taking A Break | 19 March 2014

    The synopsis makes it look as if there’s a lot happening in this book. That’s a lie. Zom-B City spends most of its pages on developing the character of our protagonist, whilst setting up the...

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  • Poole Libraries Blog

    Poole Libraries Blog | 11 February 2014

    Caution! The following book review contains spoilers! Read at your own risk:


    Zom-B City is the third book in the Zom-B series by Darren Shan. While the end of the first book (Zom-B) ended...

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  • Paranormal Sisters

    Paranormal Sisters | 04 January 2014

    This fell so flat and boring after the high of the ending of the second book, Zom-B Underground. Just, ugh!! It makes me want to pull out my hair and I freaking love my bright auburn hair!


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  • LilyPad Library

    LilyPad Library | 19 November 2013

    B escaped from the underground complex and now has nowhere in particular to go. Will she come across any other Zom-heads or is she destined to wander alone?


    The way that ‘Zom-B City’ is...

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  • Zoe Markham

    Zoe Markham | 03 November 2013

    This one lost some of the unique feel of the series for me. It's still a fun, fast, read, and what's not to love about a zombie clown? But for me it just wasn't in the same league as the first...

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  • Fiction Fascination

    Fiction Fascination | 26 October 2013

    Zom-B City is yet again another kick-butt instalment from our master of horror! I simply cannot get enough of these moreish books!


    What I enjoyed most was the city environment B escaped...

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  • Searching For The Perfect Book

    Searching For The Perfect Book | 10 September 2013

    Zom-b City is Darren Shan's third book in his Zom-b series. This book starts when B is emerging from an underground compound where the military kept revitalized zombies and tested whether they...

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  • 9th Khash Cannan’s Reviews

    9th Khash Cannan's Reviews | 14 August 2013

    Weird Underground Complex where many revitaliseds and reviveds were being experimented upon... Something went zeriouzly wrong!


    Anyway, our badass protagonist B made it out! Zooray!


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  • Books Of Amber

    Books Of Amber | 30 July 2013

    Is it just me, or do Shan's third books tend to be the worst in every series? I'm pretty sure I disliked the third books in both the Demonata series, and the Saga of Darren Shan, a lot more than...

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  • Joplin Loves 2 Read

    Joplin Loves To read | 19 July 2013

    Book three in the series, and I'm already looking ahead to book four. B has escaped the underground holding facility where she and the other Zom-Heads were being held by military officials. She...

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  • Manga Maniac Cafe

    Manga Maniac Cafe | 11 July 2013

    Darren Shan’s ZOM-B books are like crack. You can’t read just one, and because each one ends on a cliffhanger, you squirm with anticipation until the next one hits store shelves. While I normally...

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  • Joplin Loves To read

    Joplin Loves To read | 08 July 2013

    This series is one of the oddest and most unusual takes on the zombie genre that I've seen. I don't want to say too much because I'm not the only one reading it, but each one leaves me going...

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  • Blog Dangerous

    Blog Dangerous | 03 July 2013

    In the third book of the Zom-B saga by Darren Shan, we take a look at B Smith's life on the outside World for the first time as a Zomhead. A ZomHead is a zombie that has revitalised, meaning that...

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  • Cheezyfeet Books

    Cheezyfeet Books | 29 June 2013

    Just as the second improved on the first, this book, Zom-B City (book three) improved yet again. It was my favourite of the three so far and I'm very much looking forward to carrying on with B's...

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  • Review Mania

    Review Mania | 10 June 2013

    The books always pick up directly where the previous one left off and Zom-B City is no exception. The third book is the slowest of all three combined. However, on a brighter note Darren Shan is...

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  • The Guilded Earlobe

    The Guilded Earlobe | 28 May 2013

    One of the things that has really attracted me to apocalyptic fiction is the idea of being alone in a city. I think cities are beautiful things, full of classic architecture, distinctive small...

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  • Laura In Wonderland

    Laura In Wonderland | 21 May 2013

    The third installment of the Zom-B series sees B Smith back in the outside world after having spent a considerable amount of time in an underground facility. Upon exploring what’s left of London,...

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  • Super Phlum

    Super Phlum | 21 May 2013

    The third installment of the Zom-B series sees B Smith back in the outside world after having spent a considerable amount of time in an underground facility. Upon exploring what’s left of London,...

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  • Audio Book Reviewer

    Audio Book Reviewer | 15 May 2013

    This is a review of the Audio Book of Zom-B City.


    So I am completely sucked into the Zom-B series and I keep having huge expectations of what the next book will contain. I am starting to...

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  • A Librarian’s Library

    A Librarian's Library | 15 May 2013

    So first of all, I just want to say, these books are really short. So they take no time to read, and, likewise, they produce short reviews. But that’s okay! Because I like these books!



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  • SFCrowsnest

    SFCrowsnest | 26 April 2013

    ‘Zom-B City’ is the third in Irish author Darren Shan’s new twelve book series of zombie novels for young adults. Shan shot to fame over a decade ago with a series of vampire stories for...

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  • Into Geek

    Into Geek | 26 April 2013

    This continuation of the Zom-B saga sees the now undead but somehow still functioning B Smith emerge into the real world- London during the zombie apocalypse.


    The book actually feels a lot...

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  • Book Expectations

    Book Expectations | 21 April 2013



    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


    In Zom-B City, B emerges...

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  • The Bookgazer

    The Bookgazer | 20 April 2013

    Looking back, one of the main things Zom-B was lacking (although I didn't realize it then) was foreshadowing. The type of sly mysterious hints that tingle the reader's spine, and makes them think...

    Read full review: The Bookgazer
  • My Life *mwah*

    My Life *mwah* | 19 April 2013

    ** spoiler alert ** Zom-B City. Kinda obvious from the last book underground, this book is about B being on ground level, the city!! It starts off a bit slow at the start cause I was expecting to...

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  • Readingjunky’s Reading Roost

    Readingjunky's Reading Roost | 19 April 2013

    When all hell breaks loose in the underground science lab containing the revitalized zombies, B is miraculously able to escape. After witnessing the flame throwers, chainsaws, and other...

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  • Books And Writers JNR

    Books And Writers JNR | 08 April 2013

    After the events of Zom-B: Underground, B Smith has emerged into the zombie–infested city of London. She discovers the mass effects of the zombie infection breakout, and that hardly anybody...

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  • BuyZombie

    BuyZombie | 08 April 2013

    Darren Shan, successful children’s horror author, has just released Zom-B: City, part three of his 12 part zombie series for kids (and discerning adults). The time for avoiding spoilers is over,...

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  • Reviewer’s Digest

    Reviewer's Digest | 29 March 2013

    WARNING: This post will contain spoilers if you haven’t read the previous books in this series, so read at your own peril!


    Darren Shan has done it again with his third installment in his 12...

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  • What A Review!

    What A Review! | 29 March 2013

    At first I was not as impressed with Zom-B city as I was with Zom-B or Zom-B Underground but it managed to sway my vote by the end, well between 25% and 50% of the book.


    This book didn’t...

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  • Read Plus

    Read Plus | 26 March 2013

    London is not the place to holiday in Darren Shan's new teen horror series, Zom-B. This is post apocalypse London, where zombies roam the streets and eat the brains of any poor non zombie...

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  • Herts24

    Herts24 | 18 March 2013

    After the break-neck speed of Darren Shan’s first two Zom B books in this series of Zombie apocalyptic horror aimed at young readers, this third instalment offers a refreshing change of pace.


    Read full review: Herts24
  • Ashley Manning

    Ashley Manning | 17 March 2013

    The third book in Shan’s newest series is finally out. I’ve bee waiting to read more of B’s adventure since the second I finished the last one, way back in January. B has left the underground...

    Read full review: Ashley Manning
  • Annan Academy English Department Blog

    Annan Academy English Department Blog | 16 March 2013

    I bought a copy of Darren Shan’s Zom-B: City (the third book in the Zom-B series) in the supermarket on Thursday and the girl at the checkout looked at it closely and asked, “Is this for you?”

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  • Empire Of Books

    Empire Of Books | 14 March 2013

    This review begins with a question... Darren Shan, just how amazing do you actually want to be? Because you have floored me with Zom-B City!!! I don't know what it is you do, who it is that...

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  • The Book Zone

    The Book Zone | 10 March 2013

    Warning: this review will probably contain spoilers for Zom-B and Zom-B Underground so do not read on if you haven't yet read these two books.


    I think that as this series progresses my...

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  • Starburst

    Starburst | 14 February 2013

    When considering the ‘statute of limitations’ on book spoilers, we came to the conclusion that at least a year should pass before such spoilers can be talked about with impunity. So, we were...

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